Welcome to AVEC, Inc.

AVEC, Inc. is a minority-owned company dedicated principally to provide expert technical assistance to the industry in the field of analysis and control of noise and vibration of mechanical systems.
AVEC capabilities include: noise and vibration analysis, prediction, and measurements; phased array design and measurements; propeller noise prediction (tractor and pusher) with validation and measurement; tire-pavement noise (OBSI) measurements and systems; structural analysis (FEM and BEM); unsteady aerodynamics (vortex lattice methods) and aeroelasticity; machinery fault diagnostics, development of technical programs with GUI and graphical capabilities. For a complete list of our areas of expertise, visit our Services page.
AVEC has provided services to companies and institutions like NASA Langley Research Center, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Siemens, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Techsburg (VA), US Air Force (AEDC), and Boeing. For a list of our current and past customers, please click here.

Phased Array Software Demo

The video below shows key features of the Data Processing module in our Phased Array Software for wind tunnel testing and general applications. AVEC also offers phased array software for acoustic flight tests. Please visit the products page for more information or send us a message.

Explore Our Products & Services

AVEC, Inc. offers a wide variety of tools and assistance for analyzing and controlling noise and vibration in mechanical systems.

Phased Array Systems

AVEC, Inc. offers hardware and software for microphone phased array analysis.

On-board Sound Intensity (OBSI)

We offer a system based on the latest AASHTO standard to measure tire-pavement noise.

Engineering Consulting Services

Our services include on-site measurements and noise predictions.